Android Studio emulator: Failed to start monitoring emulator-5554

I am forking this app and trying to make some changes to it and run it. I’ve managed to do so on my laptop but it’s painfully slow, so I am trying to set up the whole thing on my PC but I get the following error:

Failed to start monitoring emulator-5554

the emulator started and it showed the Google logo but then it closed.

This is happening on a device called: Pixel 3a API 30 x86.

I have another device (Pixel XL API 29) set up but there the emulator doesn’t even show up and there are no errors in Android Studio.

The only resources I found matching my question is this and I’ve tried restarting my computer several times but it didn’t work. And this one but my android emulator seems to be the latest version.

All this is happening on Ubuntu 18.04.

Android Studio version is 4.1.1.

Any ideas appreciated!


Currently, I am trying to run the emulator from the command line. At first, it was complaining of another instance already running even after restarting my PC. So, I found some multinstance.lock files and deleted them. Then, it complained about permissions in the particular AVD folder so I did chmod -R 777 the whole avd folder. Now, it complains that it cannot create a vulkan instance or something similar and that it doesn’t have access to a particular file in the user’s home folder, I couldn’t copy the whole output cuz my PC got stuck and I had to restart it. This happened several times.


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