Best way to mount remote folder

I have two RasberryPi running debian wheezy and I would like to mount a folder from computer A on computer B.

What is the best (as in most efficient) way to do this?

I can do it via SMB, but that is for windows, I think there must be a better way to share across linux.

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You can use plenty of things, among which, popular options are:

  • NFS
  • Samba / CIFS

By ease-of-setup I think they would have to be put in this order (top: easiest)


Through FUSE, you can mount remote filesystems via ssh. I won’t cover how, as Cristopher has already very well explained that. Just note that, in order to mount the file automatically it will need a bit more of work.


It will allow you to use Windows and Unix machines to access the remote folder. If it’s not a big deal for you, then you won’t probably benefit from it. However, it’s easy to automount it on init (just input the apropriate values at /etc/fstab, including username=<your-samba-username>,password=<your-samba-password> in the options column.


It will let you authenticate just via IP (no usernames thing = faster, only of use inside your non-hostile LAN) or via Kerberos Tickets (too painful for just two Raspberries; but useful in corporate environments).

As it has kernel mode support, it will run faster than sshfs. Besides, as there’s no encryption performed it will have a better throughput, and in the case of the tiny Raspberry ARM, it may make a difference.

Besides, it’s not so painful to setup simply you trust your network. You have automount support in /etc/fstab too, and you don’t have to put sensitive data (such as usernames or passwords), and if you have your usernames syncrhronized (same /etc/passwd and /etc/group files) you can use the usual POSIX permissions toolset (chown, chgrp and chmod).

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