Do we need to provide pagination for a directory structure?

It doesn’t seem you need a pagination control: most traversing of a tree can be done with loading more instances as the user scrolls to the bottom of the viewport.

Is there anything to be gained from the pagination, or is this because of implementation? What are users looking to do here?

An alternative: Invest in reducing the foraging costs by more robust search and filters.

You might gain more value by giving users:

  • more powerful search
  • filtering capabilities (file types, file owner, date ranges for creation)
  • an ability to ‘pin’ resources
  • a way to view recently accessed resources

These features save users time and cognitive costs by allowing them to access files as quickly as possible.

Breadcrumbs will be valuable for showing users where they are in the hierarchy, and are standard in applications like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive where large amounts of files and folders mix together freely at multiple levels.

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