How to keep the function key locked on Lenovo E431?

‘Fn + Esc’ Should lock it, but you’ll need bios version 1.25+ to keep this config after reboot, since it had an issue fixed on 1.25:

– (New) Modified Power off USB timing.
– (New) Added New Panel Support.
– (Fix) Fixed an issue related to post hang up issue with special input KB/Mouse on docking
– (Fix) Fixed an issue related to unsupported resolution appeared during VGA/HDMI first plug in.
– (Fix) Fixed an issue that Fn lock can’t be kept after reboot.

You can download it (and anything related to ThinkPad Edge E431) here:
ThinkPad Edge E431 Download Page en-us

Btw you can also switch Fn and Left Ctrl on BIOS 🙂

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