LEFT JOIN only first row

I read many threads about getting only the first row of a left join, but, for some reason, this does not work for me.

Here is my structure (simplified of course)


id |  title | content
1  | Feed 1 | ...


artist_id | artist_name
1         | Artist 1
2         | Artist 2


rel_id | artist_id | feed_id
1      |     1     |    1 
2      |     2     |    1 

Now i want to get the articles and join only the first Artist and I thought of something like this:

    FROM feeds 
    LEFT JOIN feeds_artists ON wp_feeds.id = (
        SELECT feeds_artists.feed_id FROM feeds_artists
        WHERE feeds_artists.feed_id = feeds.id 
    LIMIT 1
WHERE feeds.id = '13815'

just to get only the first row of the feeds_artists, but already this does not work.

I can not use TOP because of my database and I can’t group the results by feeds_artists.artist_id as i need to sort them by date (I got results by grouping them this way, but the results where not the newest)

Tried something with OUTER APPLY as well – no success as well.
To be honest i can not really imagine whats going on in those rows – probably the biggest reason why i cant get this to work.


FROM feeds f
LEFT JOIN artists a ON a.artist_id = (
    SELECT artist_id
    FROM feeds_artists fa 
    WHERE fa.feed_id = f.id
    LIMIT 1
WHERE f.id = '13815'

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