Micro SD gets corrupted after every restart

I own a 128GB Micro SD card from Sandisk which I know is perfectly fine and healthy. It is formatted in exFAt and worked perfectly with my Samsung S5. Now I bought a Samsung S7 and I replaced the card from my S5 to my S7. Since I did that my S7 running on stock Samsung Android 7.0 shows a window I have to format the card before I can use it… Off course I didn’t do that since there is very important data on it. So I put it into a card reader connected to Windows which detected it as perfectly fine. I ran “scandsk x: /f” on it from within Windows and it said the file system is healthy and did not have to be repaired. After I eject it from Windows and put it into my S7… Android reads and writes it perfectly fine again… until I reboot my phone. Then the format screen shows up again. This loop keeps on going infinite…

Android 7.0: extSD is corrupted -> Windows 10: checkdsk /f: card fine -> Android 7.0: extSD reads -> Android reboot -> Android 7.0: extSD is corrupted -> Windows 10: checkdsk /f: card fine -> …

So anyone got the same issue and found a solution?

1 Answer

The Solution was simple after all, chkdsk told me the volume was fine when I did a (basic) error check [/f] but when I did a check for bad sectors [/r] it found tons of errors and repaired them. It took some time but now I have all my data back!

So if you have this problem with any sd card mounted for example as drive u:\ then run in cmd:

chkdsk u: /r /v

ps: format my card as fat32 was no option as it is 128GB and I would lose all my data.

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