MySQL Workbench asking for password

I am trying to set MySQL server on my Windows 7 64 bit machine. I have downloaded MySQL server and MySQLWorkbench.

I have started mysql service by command

C:\> net start mysql

as suggested here and checked that mysqld.exe process is running. Now when I do New Server Instance in Workbench, it is asking for the password. I never entered or set the password

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My Question

Why New Server Instance in Workbench is asking for the password?

1 Answer

You will need to give [email protected] a password

Since you just installed mysql, you are running with default settings, this means you have no my.cnf. You will have to create one.

Run the following at a DIS Prompt

cd C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5
dir *.ini

There, you will see sample .ini files. Let’s pick my-small.ini

net stop mysql
cd C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5
copy my-small.ini my.ini
cd data
del ib*
notepad my.ini

Once you open notepad, add this under the [mysqld] header


Close notepad and Save my.ini

Next, run these lines

net start mysql
mysql (hit enter)

You will get a mysql prompt. Now run this:

mysql> UPDATE mysql.user SET PASSWORD=PASSWORD('mysecretpassword') WHERE user="root" AND host="localhost";

Back at the DOS Prompt, do this:

net stop mysql
notepad my.ini

Once Notepad is open, delete the line skip-grant-tables from my.ini

Close notepad and Save my.ini

net start mysql

Once mysql is back up, test the password at the DOS prompt

mysql -uroot -p (hit enter)
Password: (type mysecretpassword and hit enter)

If you get the mysql prompt, CONGRATULATIONS !!! You installed a password for [email protected]

Go back to MySQL Workbench and user mysecretpassword as the password

Give it a Try !!!

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