Optimize a MySQL Database using MySQL Workbench

I actually have a few issues.

First, I found this information about optimizing: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5474662/mysql-optimize-all-tables

The problem is, I don’t seem to have a mysqlcheck program anywhere. I’m using MySQL Workbench. It’s possible I have used other MySQL versions in the past. When I look for mysql I find in the Program Files folder there is a MySQL folder with a MySQL Server 5.5 folder. This one has some .ini files and the bin, dat, etc directories, but no executables. Then in Program Files (x86) there is another MySQL folder. In that there are several folders including: MySQL Documentation 5.5.30, MySQL Installer, MySQL Notifier, MySQL Workbench CE 5.2.47, and Samples and Examples 5.5.30. The only one that has mysql.exe is MySQL Workbench CE 5.2.47. But it does not have mysqlcheck.exe.

I poked around in Workbench and could not find any maintenance or optimization functions.

My database is 17 GB and I removed some large text fields from large tables, and I’m hoping to recover space because my OS is yelling at me to make more space. Does Workbench have the capability to optimize, and if so how do I do it? And if not, what can I install to be able to do it?

Best Answer

The maintenance feature is a bit hidden in MySQL Workbench. You can reach it by opening your connection as usual and right clicking on your schema to open the schema inspector:

enter image description here

You will get a new tab in the editor area with many pages for inspection/maintenance. Click on the Maintenance button at the bottom to open this page:

enter image description here

From there it should be clear what to do.

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