Relevancy search across multiple item types related to each other

‘Relevance’ of search results is based on its score – the higher the score, the higher it is displayed in the results. How you determine the score is up to you? Suggesting a few possible ways here:

  1. How the keyword string match is carried out? A keyword match may be ‘exact match’ or ‘partial match’. Also, there is the question of ‘synonyms’. Naturally an Exact match should score higher than a Partial one, followed by synonyms.
  2. Priority of fields for keyword match – Matches on the < title > or < h1 > of a page score higher than matches in the rest of the content, including < meta >.
  3. Position of keyword match – If the match is at the beginning of the title/h1, it will score higher than if it is somewhere in the middle.

Displaying results in different categories, a tab bar may be used depending on the choice of platform.

Link to related question: Guidelines for developing search engine

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