Intellij Cannot resolve symbol on import

This problem happens intermittently for different libraries and different projects. When trying to import a library, the package will be recognized, but the class name can’t be resolved. If on the import statement, I right-click -> Goto -> the package’s declaration, I see all the decompiled classes displayed in the side pane — Including the … Read more

Class Not Found: Empty Test Suite in IntelliJ

I’m just starting the computer science program at my college, and I’m having some issues with IntelliJ. When I try to run unit tests, I get the message Process finished with exit code 1 Class not found: “edu.macalester.comp124.hw0.AreaTest”Empty test suite. I also see a message entitled “No tests were found” on the left side of … Read more

Intellij IDEA Java classes not auto compiling on save

Yesterday I switched to IntelliJ IDEA from Eclipse. I am using JRebel with WebSphere Server 7 as well. Everything now seems to be working somewhat fine, except that when I modify a Java file, and hit save, IntelliJ does not re-compile the file, in order for JRebel to pick it up. The Eclipse “Build Automatically” … Read more