Unable to activate Lenovo tablet as a “secondary” Viber device

I have been using Viber for almost ten years on many devices (including Blackberries, Android phones and tablets, Windows and Linux PCs). Lately, my old Samsung tablet started to fail, so I bought a new tablet (Lenovo TB-8505F 8″ Wifi only). I tried to activate Viber on this tablet as a secondary device which is the way I had used Viber for years: mobile phone is always my primary device; tablet and PCs are my secondary devices.

However, it seems that this new tablet is treated like a mobile phone by Viber (although it is a WiFi only device). So, Viber tries to activate this tablet as a primary device only.

As a comparison:

  1. On the old Samsung tablet, the “activation screen” which is displayed just after I enter my mobile phone number, shows the relevant QR code to be scanned by my primary device (phone). [This is the correct behavior].

  2. On the new Lenovo tablet, the “activation screen” which is displayed just after I enter my mobile phone number, shows that an SMS or phone call activation will be attempted [wrong behavior] just like the tablet were a primary device only (which it should not). In case I continue with the SMS/phone activation, my primary device (phone) gets disconnected [as expected].

I want to activate my new Lenovo Tablet as a secondary device. Is there a workaround to force Viber to “treat” this device as a secondary device?

3 Answers

I contacted Viber Support several days ago. Eventually the answer came from Viber Support (Ian). The steps are like this:

  • Remove Viber from your tablet (I added this step).
  • Go to tablet’s Settings 🡆 Display 🡆 Display size and change from Default (or anything else) to Small.
  • Reboot your tablet so its dpi will change.
  • Install and activate Viber on the tablet as a secondary device (now you will see the expected QR code).
  • Change the Display size back to whatever it was before.
  • To be sure, reboot your tablet and test Viber.

Note: Unfortunately, I cannot check the “Display size” of my old Samsung tablet, because I already did a factory reset on it.

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