/usr/lib/tracker/tracker-store causes very heavy CPU load on Debian “Buster”

tracker-store is part of tracker, a program that scans certain specified locations on your hard drive (and other places like your emails) and indexes the contents into a database. This allows you to do fast file contents searches. Whereas, tracker-miner-* are programs that scan data and tracker-store is the program that stores the metadata in a database for fast access later. Tracker uses a database for its own purposes, so it makes sense that it can use your CPU even when you are not dealing with process.

You could also configure tracker to index nothing (see program tracker-preferences), thereby probably stopping it from doing any work at all. Or you could try removing the package entirely, but, this will most likely break your system (more details – thanks to @broman). And also check this post How do I disable tracker in GNOME?.

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