What are the complexity guarantees of the standard containers?

Apparently 😉 the standard containers provide some form of guarantees.

What type of guarantees and what exactly are the differences between the different types of container?

Working from the SGI page (about STL) I have come up with this:

Container Types:
    Forward Container
        Reverse Container
            Random Access Container
        Front Insert Sequence
        Back  Insert Sequence
    Associative Container
        Simple   Associative Container
        Pair     Associative Container
        Sorted   Associative Container
        Multiple Associative Container

Container Types mapped to Standard Containers

std::vector:    Sequence    Back        Sequence                    Forward/Reverse/Random Container
std::deque:     Sequence    Front/Back  Sequence                    Forward/Reverse/Random Container
std::list:      Sequence    Front/Back  Sequence                    Forward/Reverse Container
std::set:       Sorted/Simple/Unique    Associative Container       Forward Container
std::map:       Sorted/Pair/Unique      Associative Container       Forward Container
std::multiset:  Sorted/Simple/Multiple  Associative Container       Forward Container
std::multimap:  Sorted/Pair/Multiple    Associative Container       Forward Container

Container Guarantees:

                          For   Rev  Rand        Front  Back  Assoc        Sort   Mult
                    Cont: Cont: Cont Cont: Sequ: Sequ:  Sequ: Cont:        Cont:  Cont:
Copy    Const:      O(n)
Fill    Const:                             O(n)
begin()             O(1)
end()               O(1)
rbegin()                        O(1)
rend()                          O(1)
front()                                    O(1)
push_front()                                     O(1)
pop_front()                                      O(1)
push_back()                                             O(1)
pop_back()                                              O(1)
Insert()                                                                          O(ln(n))
Insert: fill                               O(n)
Insert: range                              O(n)                                   O(kln(n)+n)
size()              O(1)
swap()              O(1)
erase key                                                     O(ln(n))
erase element                                                 O(1)
erase range                                                   O(ln(n)+S)
count()                                                       O(log(n)+k)
find()                                                        O(ln(n))
equal range                                                   O(ln(n))
Lower Bound/Upper Bound                                                    O(ln(n))
Equality                  O(n)
InEquality                O(n)
Element Access                       O(1)

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