What is the Plural of WordPress? [closed]

I mean, for what I remember of my english classes it should be WordPress', or not?

Would this be a Meta Question?

Or a English Language & Usage one?

What I ended up writing (in an email) before Comments and was

…deal with a couple of WordPress’ projects…

Well, it ended up being an Engrish Fail.

Thanks, Johannes, for opening the question at English Language & Usage.

Toscho’s answer also prompted me to open another at Spanish Language and Usage, but for a person’s name. (oh, my, is this apostrophe correct?)

In spanish, it would be “Los WordPress”.


WordPress is a singular without plural. A second instance would be a fork that could not use the same name, because the name WordPress is a trademark of the WordPress Foundation.

Like Jesus, just more rules.

If WordPress had a plural it would be WordPresses, like in mess or mistress. But the prerequisite for that would be that WordPress becomes either a physical object or self-aware (and able to create self-aware copies). I will update my answer on the day that happens.

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