What other UX processes exist other than user centered design?

If you looking for different processes rather than methods, there are

Four of them did I examine for innovation capabilites in a past thread (UCD and innovation):

So, one could say UCD is more an engineer attitude – problem found,
problem solved. And in an engineers’ attitude, all decision are
traceable back to a requirement.

And Design Thinking is a designers’ attitude – problem seen, play
around, solution found. The ideation phase isn’t really traceable, so
the solution is a bit arbitrary.

LeanUx is out of a startup-mind – solution proposed, solution tested,
solution refined. The emphasis lies on a fast product launch and
gradual advancements.

Finally, Data Driven Design comes from a marketing perspective – set
up business goal, test refinements, take best measured. It is not
aiming for innovation, but optimization.

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