Add a menu item to WordPress 3.5 Media Manager

How can add a new menu item underneath the “insert From URL” on the left sidebar in the new WordPress 3.5 Media Manager?

I’ve been looking at the backbone js and tried my hand at hooking into it with my own JS but without success.

Edit 2:
This seems to do the trick:

It should do for simple stuff, but I guess its also possible to do the same thing in Javascript. Would be nice if there was a tutorial/explanation on how the new media manager internals work.


OK, I think that I have something that is really close to be an answer:

I put my code in a gist

Here is the result :
custom menu screenshot

I built several Backbone object to respect the MVC pattern : the controller.Custom is in charge of doing all the logic, the view.Toolbar.Custom deals with toolbar buttons, and the view.Custom display the inner UI.

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