Change order of Custom Taxonomy List

By default WordPress orders custom taxonomies (as tags in this case) by alphabetical order not by the order they were entered in the tag box.

Is anyone aware of a way to show the custom taxonomies in the order they were entered in the post edit screen?

The url in question is:

The GGW (Goes Good With) artists are currently in alphabetical order and they want it changed so that they are ordered the same way they were entered.

So if the enter it Artist1, Artist3, Artist2 that’s how it should show up on the frontend of the site.


This isn’t possible “out of the box”…

The default ‘orderby’ options are (ascending or descending)

  • ID name
  • Default
  • slug
  • count
  • term_group

These are all detailed in the codex.

That said there are some clever ladies & gents here. If anyone can solve it, one of these guys can i’m sure!

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