Check jdk/JRE is installed and get path for jvm.dll

Java can be installed anywhere, and there is no guarantee that you should be able to see, where. So, the general answer to your question, is “it is impossible”, or that “you had to run a recursive file search for jvm.dll on your whole filesystem”.

But this is not, what you want. I think, you want to get a “default” java or jvm, which will be used by java tools or any java software.

Normally you can find that in the $JAVA_HOME environment variable (on windows, %JAVA_HOME%) the actual jdk or jre install, which should contain jvm.dll.

If it doesn’t work, it is a configuration problem on the system, but maybe it can happen. Your second choice should be to find a java.exe or a javaw.exe somewhere in your system path ($PATH or %PATH% on windows).

There are a lot of tools, or java softwares which are coming out with their own java/jvm instance, especially oracle like to give out them. In their case, only the general solution works.

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