Create a new object from type parameter in generic class

I’m trying to create a new object of a type parameter in my generic class.
In my class View, I have 2 lists of objects of generic type passed as type parameters, but when I try to make new TGridView(), TypeScript says:

Could not find symbol ‘TGridView

This is the code:

module AppFW {
    // Represents a view
    export class View<TFormView extends FormView, TGridView extends GridView> {
        // The list of forms 
        public Forms: { [idForm: string]: TFormView; } = {};

        // The list of grids
        public Grids: { [idForm: string]: TGridView; } = {};

        public AddForm(formElement: HTMLFormElement, dataModel: any, submitFunction?: (e: SubmitFormViewEvent) => boolean): FormView {
            var newForm: TFormView = new TFormView(formElement, dataModel, submitFunction);
            this.Forms[] = newForm;
            return newForm;

        public AddGrid(element: HTMLDivElement, gridOptions: any): GridView {
            var newGrid: TGridView = new TGridView(element, gridOptions);
            this.Grids[] = newGrid;
            return newGrid;

Can I create objects from a generic type?

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