Eclipse & C/C++ – do I need to install a compiler separately?

I’m starting to learn C, and installed the eclipse plugin for C/C++ development (the CDT plugin). I’m testing the setup with a hello world program, but it looks like the eclipse C plugin (CDT) doesn’t have a compiler built in. I thought eclipse plugins were usually self-sufficient? Do I need to install a compiler separately to complete my c setup, or how do I get it to compile from within eclipse.

I did the usual: created a new c project in the eclipse workspace, created a new hello.c file that looks like this:

 * hello.c
 *  Created on: 2009-12-21
 *  Author: geek

 printf("hello world\n");

Edit: OS is windows Vista
Can someone suggest a compiler that’s known to play nice with eclipse (or a tutorial that you’ve used yourself to get this sorted out)

Probably the easiest way to get started with C programming on Windows is to install the free Visual C++ Express Edition. It comes with a compiler built-in, and unless you really want to use Eclipse for some reason, it’s probably the least friction option.

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