Error – Illegal static declaration in inner class

What does this mean?

Illegal static declaration in inner class Mobile.mymobile
  modifier 'static' is only allowed in constant variable declarations
Line 75,  public static void main(String[] args) {  

My code:

 * to write a simple java class Mobile that models a mobile phone.
 * @author (jamal) 
 * @version (14/10/13)
public class Mobile
    // type of phone
    private String phonetype;
    // size of screen in inches
    private int screensize;
    // menory card capacity
    private int  memorycardcapacity;
    // name of present service provider
    private String serviceprovider;
    // type of contract with service provider
    private int typeofcontract;
    // camera resolution in megapixels
    private int cameraresolution;
    // the percentage of charge left on the phone
    private int checkcharge;
    // wether the phone has GPS or not
    private String GPS;
    // instance variables - replace the example below with your own
    private int x;

    // The constructor method

    public Mobile(String mobilephonetype, int mobilescreensize,
        int mobilememorycardcapacity,int mobilecameraresolution,
        String mobileGPS, String newserviceprovider) {
        this.phonetype =  mobilephonetype;
        this.screensize = mobilescreensize;

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