Exception in thread “main” java.net.BindException: Address already in use – Error in Netbeans only

The way to achieve what I want is to right-click on the particular class (ex. Server.java) that I want to run and select “Run this file”. This enables me to run only the Server app. Then, do the same process for the other file, Client.java.

However, Netbeans is somewhat confusing/deceiving in this particular circumstance. What Netbeans does is it runs the Server process, but labels that process as the name of the project (ex. MyTestNetworkingProject) and puts a run number on it, thus giving us MyTestNetworkingProject run #1 (it actually leaves out the #1 on the first process). Then, if I go to the Client.java file and select “Run this file”, it generates a second process, MyTestNetworkingProject run #2. It then generates a second results window down at the bottom of the screen, as it generates these in new tabs as new processes get created.

Because of the nature of my specific code, what I wanted to see in my results window to confirm that my application was working was I wanted to observe the Server.java results window (which in this case is MyTestNetworkingProject run #1). Given my exact sequence of steps outlined above of running the different files, run #2 is the last run process and thus the tab on top, covering the run #1 tab. I can click on run #1 and see the results I was hoping to see in the console (“Hello server”), but I just have to know/remember that MyTestNetworkingProject run #1 represents the Server app and not the Client app.

Uncool, IMO.

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