Get a list of all registered actions

I’m trying to debug a plugin which I didn’t develop and I want to list all the registered actions. I’ve read this SO thread:

  • WordPress: How do I get all the registered functions for ‘the_content’ filter – StackOverflow

But it’s specific to one hook and it’s about filters, not actions.

Is there any variable like $wp_filter or something?


Filters and actions are both assigned to hooks. Functions assigned to hooks are stored in global $wp_filter variable. So all you have to do is to print_r it.


PS. add_action function makes a add_filter call. And the latter does $wp_filter[$tag][$priority][$idx].

NOTE: you can directly add this code in functions.php, and you will see a debug on your site:

add_action('wp', function(){ echo '<pre>';print_r($GLOBALS['wp_filter']); echo '</pre>';exit; } );

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