get_template_directory_uri pointing to parent theme not child theme

The problem I am having is that the get_template_directory_uri is pointing to the parent theme like site/wp-content/themes/twentythirteen/myGallery/gallery_functions_include.php

but I want it to point to my child theme which should be site/wp-content/themes/child-twentythirteen/myGallery/gallery_functions_include.php

what I am using is include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/myGallery/gallery_functions_include.php');


get_template_directory_uri() will always return the URI of the current parent theme.

To get the child theme URI instead, you need to use get_stylesheet_directory_uri().

You can find these in the documentation, along with a list of other useful functions for getting various theme directory locations.

If you prefer to use a constant, then TEMPLATEPATH is akin to calling get_template_directory() (i.e. the parent theme), and STYLESHEETPATH is akin to calling get_stylesheet_directory() (i.e. the child theme).

These constants are set by WordPress core in wp-includes/default-constants.php and basically look like this:

define('TEMPLATEPATH', get_template_directory());
define('STYLESHEETPATH', get_stylesheet_directory());

If there is no child theme, then both the ‘template’ and ‘stylesheet’ functions will return the parent theme location.

Note the difference between these functions and the functions ending in _uri – these will return the absolute server path (eg. /home/example/public_html/wp-content/yourtheme), whereas the _uri functions will return the public address (aka URL) – eg.

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