How can I bulk edit variations in woocommerce? [closed]

I’m setting up a store selling art prints that have
multiple canvas/paper types, and ten different print sizes for 200 photos.
All prices on all sizes with specified canvas-type are
the same from image to image, but they have to be entered one at a time
on the variations drop-down admin. That means thousands of entries if it
has to be done for each variation on each product. And then if there’s a
price increase, thousands of edits instead of just a few dozen.

The “Bulk Editing” feature for variations changes all the prices of ALL the variations.
(That is, if you “Bulk Edit” the price, all variations– small, medium,
large — end up with the same price.)

If you’re managing any real number of products with multiple variations and prices
that need to be changed, this is a real shortcoming of woocommerce.

Is there a way to batch edit variations for multiple products, or create a product template that would have the same variations for prices with different sizes?


The only solution I’ve found for mass updating variations that all have different prices is to get an extension / plug in that allows you to export the data to a spreadsheet file format, then make the desired changes to the file using a spreadsheet program, and then import the modified spreadsheet. The Woo Commerce team sells such a plugin, but the price is kind of steep… it’s almost a hundred bucks. If anyone has a cheaper solution, I’m all ears.

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