How to change a user’s password programatically

I am trying to create a totally different profile page (not the one provided by WordPress), since the layout and feel of the default profile page is too “WordPress” for the users. Now I am successful in being able to present a page that can modify user meta data like firstname, lastname, city, zip code, etc.

Now what stumped me is changing the password of the user. Is there any built-in wordpress function, say change_user_password($user_id, $new_password)? I’m surprised that I can’t look for anything that does this.

Worse comes to worst I’m doing an UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass = md5($new_password) WHERE ID = $user_id, but I would be really amazed if there is no function for this one.


wp_set_password( $password, $user_id );

See reference for details.

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