How to change user`s avatar?

Is there a way o changing user’s avatar without plugins? Why there’s no “Avatar Upload” section in Users > Your Profile?

I can’t use a plugin. Am I blind or being forced to use Gravatar? ;/

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Avatars are meant to be controlled by the user, not by you. So yes, in a way, you’re being forced to use the Gravatar service. But remember, it gives the user the ability to use the same avatar anywhere, and you can always restrict the display of a gravatar based on content ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R).

Gravatar is a hosted service, which is why there’s no “Upload Avatar” section in the profile.

You say you “can’t use a plugin,” but really that’s the only way you can add features. If you want to use something other than Gravatar, you’ll need to load a plug-in to support it. There are a few plug-ins that support local avatars:

  • Add Local Avatar
  • Simple Local Avatars

Otherwise, I recommend you educate your users on what Gravatars are and how to use them.

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