How to convert int[] to Integer[] in Java?

I’m new to Java and very confused.

I have a large dataset of length 4 int[] and I want to count the number of times that each particular combination of 4 integers occurs. This is very similar to counting word frequencies in a document.

I want to create a Map<int[], double> that maps each int[] to a running count as the list is iterated over, but Map doesn’t take primitive types.

so I made Map<Integer[], Double>

my data is stored as an ArrayList<int[]> so my loop should be something like

ArrayList<int[]> data = ... // load a dataset`

Map<Integer[], Double> frequencies = new HashMap<Integer[], Double>();

for(int[] q : data) {

    // **DO SOMETHING TO convert q from int[] to Integer[] so I can put it in the map

    if(frequencies.containsKey(q)) {
    frequencies.put(q, tfs.get(q) + p);
    } else {
        frequencies.put(q, p);

I’m not sure what code I need at the comment to make this work to convert an int[] to an Integer[]. Or maybe I’m fundamentally confused about the right way to do this.

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