How to fork a plugin?

I want to start giving back to the community, but writing a plugin from scratch is currently slightly beyond my skill level and creativity level (meaning, I don’t know what kind of problem I can solve with a plugin! every time I think of something, I find a plugin or 6 that have already been written!). However, I have recently identified a very simple plugin that looks to be abandoned since WP 2.8, and I think I can modify it to be 3.1 compatible. I’ve asked, and it seems that the best way to update this plugin may be to simply fork it.

So now my question: how do I do that? I’m new to SVN, so I’m totally uncertain as to where to go, how to start, etc etc. Can anyone guide me? 🙂


there are several guides in the Codex that can help,

  • Set up your plugin for submission
  • Submit your plugin
  • Keep it up to date

I also think it’s a great idea to “fix” older useful plugins 🙂



How to Use Subversion:

Promotion and additional info:

Using subversion depends on your OS, for windows I recommend tortoise SVN
For Mac check out “Versions”, or you can use the command line.
Also a lot of IDE’s now have subversion support built right in.

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