How to memory profile in Java?

I’m still learning the ropes of Java so sorry if there’s a obvious answer to this. I have a program that is taking a ton of memory and I want to figure a way to reduce its usage, but after reading many SO questions I have the idea that I need to prove where the problem is before I start optimizing it.

So here’s what I did, I added a break point to the start of my program and ran it, then I started visualVM and had it profile the memory(I also did the same thing in netbeans just to compare the results and they are the same). My problem is I don’t know how to read them, I got the highest area just saying char[] and I can’t see any code or anything(which makes sense because visualvm is connecting to the jvm and can’t see my source, but netbeans also does not show me the source as it does when doing cpu profiling).

Basically what I want to know is which variable(and hopefully more details like in which method) all the memory is being used so I can focus on working there. Is there a easy way to do this? I right now I am using eclipse and java to develop(and installed visualVM and netbeans specifically for profiling but am willing to install anything else that you feel gets this job done).

EDIT: Ideally, I’m looking for something that will take all my objects and sort them by size(so I can see which one is hogging memory). Currently it returns generic information such as string[] or int[] but I want to know which object its referring to so I can work on getting its size more optimized.

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