How to print a table of information in Java

You can use System.out.format(...)


final Object[][] table = new String[4][];
table[0] = new String[] { "foo", "bar", "baz" };
table[1] = new String[] { "bar2", "foo2", "baz2" };
table[2] = new String[] { "baz3", "bar3", "foo3" };
table[3] = new String[] { "foo4", "bar4", "baz4" };

for (final Object[] row : table) {
    System.out.format("%15s%15s%15s%n", row);


        foo            bar            baz
       bar2           foo2           baz2
       baz3           bar3           foo3
       foo4           bar4           baz4

Or use the following code for left-aligned output:

System.out.format("%-15s%-15s%-15s%n", row);

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