How to Set JPanel’s Width and Height?

please, something went xxx*x, and that’s not true at all, check that

JButton Size - java.awt.Dimension[width=400,height=40]
JPanel Size - java.awt.Dimension[width=640,height=480]
JFrame Size - java.awt.Dimension[width=646,height=505]

code (basic stuff from Trail: Creating a GUI With JFC/Swing , and yet I still satisfied that that would be outdated )

EDIT: forget setDefaultCloseOperation()

import java.awt.BorderLayout;
import java.awt.Dimension;
import java.awt.event.ActionEvent;
import java.awt.event.ActionListener;
import javax.swing.JButton;
import javax.swing.JFrame;
import javax.swing.JPanel;

public class FrameSize {

    private JFrame frm = new JFrame();
    private JPanel pnl = new JPanel();
    private JButton btn = new JButton("Get ScreenSize for JComponents");

    public FrameSize() {
        btn.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(400, 40));
        btn.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {

            public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
                System.out.println("JButton Size - " + btn.getSize());
                System.out.println("JPanel Size - " + pnl.getSize());
                System.out.println("JFrame Size - " + frm.getSize());
        pnl.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(640, 480));
        pnl.add(btn, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
        frm.add(pnl, BorderLayout.CENTER);
        frm.setLocation(150, 100);
        frm.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); // EDIT

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