How/where to download openjdk/openjre for windows [duplicate]

How do I go about downloading OpenJDK and OpenJRE for Windows ?

On the OpenJDK home page it states

Download and install the open-source JDK 8 for most popular Linux distributions. If you came here looking for Oracle JDK 8 product binaries for Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows, which are based largely on the same code, you can download them from

You can download and built the OpenJDK yourself, as others have done, however I am not sure this is a good idea for a production instance and it is a pretty complicated product to build and test.

Is there a Server version of Open JRE ?

Yes, the server JVM runs by default on Linux and 64-bit windows.

If you think building the open jdk/jre is the only solution for now

There is plenty of other free JDKs including Oracle’s and IBM’s

If you want support I suggest considering Azul’s Zulu.

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