Is there a naming convention for MySQL?

Here’s how I do it:

  1. Table names are lower case, uses underscores to separate words, and are singular (e.g. foo, foo_bar, etc.
  2. I generally (not always) have a auto increment PK. I use the following convention: tablename_id (e.g. foo_id, foo_bar_id, etc.).
  3. When a table contains a column that is a foreign key, I just copy the column name of that key from whatever table it came from. For example, say table foo_bar has the FK foo_id (where foo_id is the PK of foo).
  4. When defining FKs to enforce referential integrity, I use the following: tablename_fk_columnname (e.g. furthering example 3, it would be foo_bar_foo_id). Since this is a table name/column name combination, it is guaranteed to be unique within the database.
  5. I order the columns like this: PKs, FKs, then the rest of columns alphabetically

Is there a better, more standard way to do this?

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