Is there any way to draft a revision of a published page or post? What workarounds have you used?

Say I’ve already published a page or post. I now want to make changes, but I want a colleague to check them over before they go live. Is there any way of doing this?

Edit: I do realise this isn’t currently possible as such and it’s creative workarounds I’m interested in.

On the site I’m currently working on, I also have a separate password protected ‘staging’ site for drafting major content changes/additions, and once approved I copy and paste to the live site. I’m wondering if anyone’s used a similar method, but perhaps automated the ‘push’ to the live site?

I’m aware of this question: Database synchronization between dev/staging and production, but that’s more about wholesale synchonization of entire databases rather than individual pages or posts.

Now offering a bounty in order to try and drive out some additional ideas for workarounds.


It should be possible to add a button to the Publish box Save as changed copy. You have to hook into content_save_pre then and copy the content and all meta data into a new post with a draft status. After the review the posts have to be merged back.

I haven’t done this yet, but it is really needed.

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