Java compressing Strings

I need to create a method that receives a String and also returns a String.


Ex output: 3A4B2C

Well, this is quite embarrassing and I couldn’t manage to do it on the interview that I had today ( I was applying for a Junior position ), now, trying at home I made something that works statically, I mean, not using a loop which is kind of useless but I don’t know if I’m not getting enough hours of sleep or something but I can’t figure it out how my for loop should look like. This is the code:

public static String Comprimir(String texto){

    StringBuilder objString = new StringBuilder();

    int count;
    char match;

        count = texto.substring(texto.indexOf(texto.charAt(1)), texto.lastIndexOf(texto.charAt(1))).length()+1;
        match = texto.charAt(1);

    return objString.toString();

Thanks for your help, I’m trying to improve my logic skills.

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