Java Currency Number format

I doubt it. The problem is that 100 is never 100 if it’s a float, it’s normally 99.9999999999 or 100.0000001 or something like that.

If you do want to format it that way, you have to define an epsilon, that is, a maximum distance from an integer number, and use integer formatting if the difference is smaller, and a float otherwise.

Something like this would do the trick:

public String formatDecimal(float number) {
  float epsilon = 0.004f; // 4 tenths of a cent
  if (Math.abs(Math.round(number) - number) < epsilon) {
     return String.format("%10.0f", number); // sdb
  } else {
     return String.format("%10.2f", number); // dj_segfault

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