Java using enum with switch statement

The part you’re missing is converting from the integer to the type-safe enum. Java will not do it automatically. There’s a couple of ways you can go about this:

  1. Use a list of static final ints rather than a type-safe enum and switch on the int value you receive (this is the pre-Java 5 approach)
  2. Switch on either a specified id value (as described by heneryville) or the ordinal value of the enum values; i.e. guideView.GUIDE_VIEW_SEVEN_DAY.ordinal()
  3. Determine the enum value represented by the int value and then switch on the enum value.enum GuideView { SEVEN_DAY, NOW_SHOWING, ALL_TIMESLOTS } // Working on the assumption that your int value is // the ordinal value of the items in your enum public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int which) { // do your own bounds checking GuideView whichView = GuideView.values()[which]; switch (whichView) { case SEVEN_DAY: ... break; case NOW_SHOWING: ... break; } } You may find it more helpful / less error prone to write a custom valueOf implementation that takes your integer values as an argument to resolve the appropriate enum value and lets you centralize your bounds checking.

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