Match multiline text using regular expression

I am trying to match a multi line text using java. When I use the Pattern class with the Pattern.MULTILINE modifier, I am able to match, but I am not able to do so with (?m).

The same pattern with (?m) and using String.matches does not seem to work.

I am sure I am missing something, but no idea what. Am not very good at regular expressions.

This is what I tried

String test = "User Comments: This is \t a\ta \n test \n\n message \n";

String pattern1 = "User Comments: (\\W)*(\\S)*";
Pattern p = Pattern.compile(pattern1, Pattern.MULTILINE);
System.out.println(p.matcher(test).find());  //true

String pattern2 = "(?m)User Comments: (\\W)*(\\S)*";
System.out.println(test.matches(pattern2));  //false - why?

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