Passing variables through locate_template

While I’ve typically used include or require on their own to save long term code maintenance I’ve started to use get_template_part and locate_template as using built in WordPress stuff is always best.

My question is are you supposed to be able to pass variables through to the results of either get_template_part or locate_template?

$var = get_option( 'my-custom-option' );

get_template_part( 'custom-template-part' );

In the code above the $var would be printed inside the custom template but the variable doesn’t seem to work. Am I missing something or is this expected behaviour?

I’ve found that they don’t pass in the instance above or when using locate_template

locate_template( 'custom-template-part.php', true );


Like MathSmath wrote, get_template() does not support the re-use of your variables.

But locate_template() infact does no inclusion at all. It just locates a file for inclusion.

So you can make use of include to have this working just like you expect it:


$var from your example can be used in the template part then.

A related question with a more technical explanation of the variable scope and get_template(): Form Submitting Error with get_template_part()

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