Regenerate Slugs From Title of Posts

is it possible to regenerate the slugs programmatically after changing the titles of the post? Numerous post titles were updated and the slug was not updated with the title so I need to regenerate all these slugs.


Yes, it is possible.

Sample code, has to be tested and refined:

// get all posts
$posts = get_posts( array (  'numberposts' => -1 ) );

foreach ( $posts as $post )
    // check the slug and run an update if necessary 
    $new_slug = sanitize_title( $post->post_title );
    if ( $post->post_name != $new_slug )
            array (
                'ID'        => $post->ID,
                'post_name' => $new_slug

I just made this up, there are probably some errors and egde cases, but it should give you an idea. Also, this may take a while, so it could be useful to split the update into smaller chunks.

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