Remove email verification when new user register

Please note I’m not posting this question without doing google search, but the problem is every single result I found is either about BuddyPress or WP Multisite, but I have a WP Single installation where I use Easy Digital Download and in terms to purchase anything user must have to register first.

But the problem is their account doesn’t get activated after registering if they visit customer dashboard it will show up that “Your account is not verified yet so check your email and verify”. This is really frustrating for most of my customers as people are so busy now a days and does not have time for these things. After registration user receives email like this –

So what I’m asking here is there any way bu which I can remove this step so that accounts get activated just after register. No need to to email verification. That’s all I wanna know.

Hope to get a reply soon.

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Yes, you can write your own user registration, write a form that gets user details and use wp_create_user to create it.

That said, I think email verification is even more important on eCommerce sites, but if you willing to give up the advantages it gives to you and the users, then why not to bypass the whole user registration thing?

Another option is to use SSO provider like facebook and google to make the user creation process faster (you basically rely on them to supply you the current email address of the user).

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