Rock, Paper, Scissors Game Java

I would recommend making Rock, Paper and Scissors objects. The objects would have the logic of both translating to/from Strings and also “knowing” what beats what. The Java enum is perfect for this.

public enum Type{


  public static Type parseType(String value){
     //if /else logic here to return either ROCK, PAPER or SCISSOR

     //if value is not either, you can return null

The parseType method can return null if the String is not a valid type. And you code can check if the value is null and if so, print “invalid try again” and loop back to re-read the Scanner.

Type person=null;

      System.out.println("Enter your play: "); 
      person= Type.parseType(;
      if(person ==null){
         System.out.println("invalid try again");

Furthermore, your type enum can determine what beats what by having each Type object know:

public enum Type{


    //each type will implement this method differently
    public abstract boolean beats(Type other);


each type will implement this method differently to see what beats what:


   public boolean beats(Type other){            
        return other ==  SCISSOR;



Then in your code

 Type person, computer;
   if (person.equals(computer)) 
   System.out.println("It's a tie!");
  }else if({
     System.out.println(person+ " beats " + computer + "You win!!"); 
     System.out.println(computer + " beats " + person+ "You lose!!");

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