Roles other than Super admin accessing manage_network_themes

We currently use the WordPress Multisite and Networks to control a few blogs of ours.

We are looking to give other users on the network permission to manage the themes on the network.

We’ve installed a few plugins to manage roles, create roles and modify the roles permissions.. but we haven’t managed to find a solution.

Basically we are trying to allow roles other than Superadmin access to manage_network_themes.

The role we are trying to allow access to this has the permission checked, but they still can’t access the network themes.

Is this area locked down to Super admins only? Is there a way around this?

We want to allow our other blogs access to manage themes, but we don’t want to give them super admin access.

I look forward to your reply.

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First Deactivate all plugins or code used to modify the roles.

Under the Super Admin -> Users menu, find the user you wish to promote. Hover over their username and a small “edit” link will appear beneath it. Click it. This will lead you to the user’s profile page.

Scroll down to the “Name” section, you will see the checkbox selected to make this user a Super Admin on your site. Hit the update button to save the chage, and the user now has access to the Super Admin menu.

Check if the user now can manage themes, if ok, activate the plugins or code and this time block or remove the functions that you don’t wish to give access to that user.

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