Rounding BigDecimal to *always* have two decimal places

I’m trying to round BigDecimal values up, to two decimal places.

I’m using

BigDecimal rounded = value.round(new MathContext(2, RoundingMode.CEILING));
logger.trace("rounded {} to {}", value, rounded);

but it doesn’t do what I want consistently:

rounded 0.819 to 0.82
rounded 1.092 to 1.1
rounded 1.365 to 1.4 // should be 1.37
rounded 2.730 to 2.8 // should be 2.74
rounded 0.819 to 0.82

I don’t care about significant digits, I just want two decimal places. How do I do this with BigDecimal? Or is there another class/library better suited to this?

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