Site admin in a network install can’t edit users?

For the Stack Exchange Community Blogs, we have a network install that we’ve set up. I am being told that the site administrator role is not allowing an option for user editing. On the site’s users page when hovering over a user, there is only an option for delete, not one for edit.

The only option related to user permissions is the following, but not really what I’m going for here…

add new users

How can I enable the site administrator to have full control over the users on that specific site?


As explained in the description of the Network Admin Users screen, in a network install (multisite mode) users are

added on a global basis to the entire network, then assigned to specific sites

Normal administrators are not permitted to modify these global profiles, since their privileges extend only to their given site. This task is reserved for super administrators, who have full control across the entire network.

In prior versions of WordPress, when multisite installations relied on separate WordPress MU support, you could define EDIT_ANY_USER to be true in your wp-config.php file. However, since multisite support was natively integrated, I believe that this was removed.

To manage network users from the Network Admin Users screen, a user must belong to a role that has at least the manage_network_users and edit_users permissions. You could try creating a custom role that included these and the standard administrator permissions, but I’m not convinced how effective that would be. Personally, I’d just try to avoid circumventing these restrictions.

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