Software for WordPress Theme and Plugin Development? [closed]

What software do you use for your WordPress related needs?

Please state your OS.

On windows XP I use:

  • filezilla (FTP)
  • notepad++ (for reading of PHP / CSS files)
  • firebug (a firefox extension to allow me to play with a website elements)

Other things which I don’t use regularly, but would like to use more
– xaamp (local version of WP)
– github/SVN (a version control system for my files)

What about you?

OS Windows 7 x64


Version control


  • Chrome plenty development extensions already, Firefox is damn slow


  • Notepad++ almost never use it since picked up NetBeans
  • PHPXref easier to navigate code inside NetBeans
  • WP Tuner great performance profiling, unfortunately not maintained and broke for WP3
  • MoWeS became too much trouble to struggle with component updates and stability issues (Apache started to crash all the time)
  • NetBeans moved on to PhpStorm
  • eAccelerator – modern version don’t provide object cache, somewhat unstable (occasional crashes)
  • webgrind – no need anymore, PhpStorm can now parse and display profiler logs
  • CSE HTML Validator just never get to use it on top of everything else
  • MySQL Query Browser replaced with HeidiSQL

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