What is `1..__truediv__` ? Does Python have a .. (“dot dot”) notation syntax?

I recently came across a syntax I never seen before when I learned python nor in most tutorials, the .. notation, it looks something like this:

f = 1..__truediv__ # or 1..__div__ for python 2

print(f(8)) # prints 0.125 

I figured it was exactly the same as (except it’s longer, of course):

f = lambda x: (1).__truediv__(x)
print(f(8)) # prints 0.125 or 1//8

But my questions are:

  • How can it do that?
  • What does it actually mean with the two dots?
  • How can you use it in a more complex statement (if possible)?

This will probably save me many lines of code in the future…:)

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