What is the difference between a static method and a non-static method?

A static method belongs to the class itself and a non-static (aka instance) method belongs to each object that is generated from that class. If your method does something that doesn’t depend on the individual characteristics of its class, make it static (it will make the program’s footprint smaller). Otherwise, it should be non-static.


class Foo {
    int i;

    public Foo(int i) { 
       this.i = i;

    public static String method1() {
       return "An example string that doesn't depend on i (an instance variable)";

    public int method2() {
       return this.i + 1; // Depends on i

You can call static methods like this: Foo.method1(). If you try that with method2, it will fail. But this will work: Foo bar = new Foo(1); bar.method2();

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