what is this ANT build?

I had the exact same problem, where when I clicked “Run” I would get a menu with options of “Ant Build” or “Ant Build…” — even though I had a main method.

I finally got my program to run as normal when I copied and pasted my code into a new file in a new project folder. I deleted the old file altogether, along with its source folder.

When I created the new class, I selected the option “Use project folder as root for the sources and class files” instead of creating separate folders.

Then, when I clicked “Run”, I got some peculiar output the first time that I didn’t understand. The second time, however, I got all my programs running as they used to.

I’m not exactly sure what these actions did to solve the problem, as I, too, am a novice programmer. But I’m getting my information from http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/java/threads/199459/simple-java-applet-wont-run-on-eclipse#.

Hope this helps.

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